Introduction has been on the internet since August of 2000. The community is over 300 members strong and growing, and represents a rich and varied diversity, with members from many countries throughout the globe. Our aim is to provide players with a unique, fun and informative place to discuss the many facets of contract bridge. 

The currrent message board was created only recently (August 2003) and prior to that we experimented with various forum software providers, none of which were really satisfactory.  Each time we moved of course, we had to start from scratch and members had to re-register.   Fortunately, we've now found the ideal solution, running our own php driven mySQL database, which gives us complete control of the forum software and data.

How it Works

  • The message board consists of a series of forums for the discussion of bridge hands, systems, conventions, ethics, laws, rules - in fact anything at all relating directly or indirectly to bridge.
  • Each forum consists of a series of indexed topics and each topic consists of a series of messages.  Users can post replies to existing topics or start their own new topics
  • Opinion polls, such as what players would bid on a hand, or what conventions they prefer, can be conducted here too.

Who can use it?

Anyone can view the forums and post messages, but registration is strongly recommended in order to enable use of some of the more advanced board features. It's  quick and easy and all that is required is a valid email address (no other personal information is requested).


  • Messages can be previewed, and editing is possible, both before and after posting.
  • Email advice of replies to messages can be activated, as well as notification of new topics.
  • Topics that are new or have new replies since a member's last visit are easily identifiable.
  • "Today's Active Topics" displays active topics for any number of designated days up to one week.
  • A powerful search facility allows keyword or phrase search, both in message bodies and headings.
  • Topics can be emailed to friends with a personal message from the member included.
  • A "printer friendly" version enables members to print a topic for offline study.
  • Each registered member has his or her own control panel for setting various preferences.
  • There is also a sophisticated personal message system for communicating with other members.
  • Hands can be displayed in posts, using the specially designed templates supplied.

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